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Unleash your inner tartan: Clan MacArthur

Nothin’ Older There is a proverb used by West Highlanders when talking about the past “there is nothing older, unless the hills, MacArthur, and the devil.” Well, Clan MacArthur might not be as old as the hills but they have been around for a devilishly long time. The Clan shares a common origin with Clan […]

Best Edinburgh Hotels | A Quick Guide

Since opening our Edinburgh shop, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and spend time with some fantastic local businesses. As one of the most spectacular cities in the world to visit, it’s no surprise to learn that Edinburgh has some equally spectacular hotels. Together Edinburgh’s hotels host the many thousands of tourists that descend upon […]

Scottish Wedding Fever in St Andrews

This weekend Emma will head off to the gorgeous Hotel du Vin in St Andrews to speak to brides and grooms to-be about all things tartan. This boutique hotel offers the perfect backdrop to your Big Day and the option to enjoy the whole day in one place, from ceremony through to celebration. Choosing a […]

Unleash Your Inner Tartan – Clan Johnstone

Clan Johnstone Clan Johnstone, like ScotlandShop, can trace its roots to the Scottish Borders. Unlike, the Johnstones are from Annandale while we are from Berwickshire. Like most clans from the Borders, Clan Johnstone were Reivers. We have spoken about the Reivers before and while the majority robbed from whoever they could, the Johnstones only stole […]

Clan Brown: Unleash Your Inner Tartan

Clan Brown and Brunonian Medicine Scotland has a notable history in the medical sciences, from James Young Simpson – the discoverer of chloroform anaesthesia – to Arthur Conan Doyle who worked as a Doctor before finding fame as a writer. Scotland’s place in the pantheon of medical history is assured. Yet none of Scotland’s medics […]

The ScotlandShop Queensferry Street Story Part 1

So why did we choose Queensferry Street for our shop? We answer a few of your questions in today’s blog! Why Edinburgh? First of all I love Edinburgh and when you are the boss you normally get your own way. Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness and all the other cities in between all have lots of […]

Unleash your inner tartan: Clan Borthwick

Moors the Pity Clan Borthwick can boast a long history in the British Isles, the family is rumoured to have come to these shores with the Romans, so yeah, pretty old. Those of you who are familiar with some of the Clan’s symbols may know that the Clan’s motto is Qui Conducit – He Who […]