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Taylor: Unleash your Inner Tartan

Taylor The title of these blogs is Unleash Your Inner Tartan, it being our belief that your tartan is a thread that links you to the past, a piece of your heritage that unites you with a wide and diverse group of people from around the world. Indeed, it has been the mission of these […]

Tartan Day 2017 – Scots around the World Celebrate in Style

Tartan Day I don’t know about you but my event’s calendar for the first few months of the year has been pretty choc-a-block. So far this year I’ve had to deal with Burns’ Night, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and even the anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s death.  So, with March coming up I was […]

Clan Stewart: What Appin’d?

Clan Stewart Clan Stewart has its roots in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. Originally coming from France, the family acquired lands in England and eventually in East Lothian and Renfrewshire where King David I of Scotland made them stewards – it is from this title that the family gets its name. The House of […]

Bind your hand to your beloved – Handfasting Ribbons

 Handfasting Many of our customers here at are looking to add a touch of tartan to their wedding day in order to pay homage to their heritage on their special day. Some customers opt for cufflinks, others go for garters while others decide that a pair of tartan shoes in their clan’s colours is […]

Clan Murray – Unleash your inner tartan

Clan Murray Being a bit of a tennis fan, the recent Australian open final between Federer and Nadal was fantastic viewing. Unfortunately for Scottish fans, our beloved Andy Murray was knocked out in the fourth round. Overcome with grief, I couldn’t get the name Murray out of my mind… Clan Murray: The origins. Let’s keep this […]

Battle of the Bottoms! Trousers Vs Kilt

The Battle of the Bottoms! People say men have it easy when choosing what to wear to formal events. People say a dinner suit encompasses the totality of a man’s options. Well, these people, poor unenlightened souls, can’t be familiar with he age-old struggle faced by the Scots. In opposing corners of the sartorial boxing ring sit […]

Clan Ross: Unleash your Inner Tartan

Clan Ross Alas, the golden age of exploration is over with the idea of space exploration offering only a faint glimmer of hope in a dreary un-romantic world. To have been alive in the days when frontiers were truly being pushed back would have been amazing. Clan Ross is lucky enough to count many explorers […]

Humanism & Celebrants: Tim Maguire Interview

Here at ScotlandShop we love traditions, we also love weddings – I mean, who doesn’t? Traditional weddings however, seem to be becoming a thing very much of the past. Gone are traditional vows, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March and (for many people) religion. Obviously this is not to say that religious ceremonies aren’t still extremely popular, but […]

The Story of Bonnie Prince Charlie: The Young Pretender

After a brief chat with one of our regular customers, Ali was reminded that this week sees the 229th anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s death. Cheery as that definitely isn’t, we thought it might be interesting to go through some facts about the young pretender. Before we get too fact happy, let’s have a quick […]