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A very Tartan Christmas: Claire Morton Stocking Sovereign

‘Tis the season to make stockings! In preparation for the Christmas season, we sent our resident chatterbox, Ali, to go see how our Christmas Stockings are made. Our stockings are expertly made by Claire Morton, an absolute genius with a needle and thread, and a very busy lady at this time of year. She shared […]

Clan Robertson – Unleash your inner tartan

Clan Robertson? The population of Scotland is estimated to be around 5,737,000 however, the global population of people claiming Scottish descent estimated to be between 28-40 million. Clearly, with this many people scattered around the world, there are guaranteed to be some great stories and we’d love to hear any that you’d like to share. […]

Tartan Projects: Automotive Upholstery Ideas

  We were very kindly sent a photograph of a car upholstery project under taken by one of our customers, this got us to thinking, it has been a while since did a run-down of tartan car interiors. To be honest, I am not particularly interested in cars, they get you from A to B […]

Unleash your inner tartan – The Gay Gordons

Good Gracious Gordons, take your protein pills and put your helmets on, strap in  because we are about to launch ourselves into another fascinating aspect of Clan Gordon’s history and culture. The Gay Gordons Ladies and Gents, welcome back to the Clan Gordon blog series. It was my older brother’s stag do the other day and […]

Tartan Wedding Inspiration – How to dress your Page Boy

This weekend was the Scottish Wedding Show, full of sparkle and tiaras and a really exciting first, and definitely not last, visit for us. We loved meeting you all! Watch this space for a full round up on the show to follow later this week.  In the lead up to the wedding show we couldn’t resist […]

Clan Donald – ‘Lord of the Isles’

If you have been fortunate enough to visit the Isle of Skye you may have made a trip to the Clan Donald Estate and Armadale Castle. This estate in South Skye covers 20,000 acres and is open to the public. It offers the fantastic opportunity to explore some of the breath taking scenery in Skye […]

Five of the Best Knitted Berets

Oooh la la a cashmere beret! Emma returned from our favourite cashmere accessories designer in sunny Hawick with a handful of berets in various colours and proceeded to model them showing off the many different ways you can wear your beret. She even wrote a blog all about it. Slouchy and casually chic, cheeky and carefully […]

Unleash your inner tartan – Clan Scott

Explore your roots, unearth your history and discover your hidden heritage. Tartan can take you on a journey back in time and give you an excuse to wear some of the world’s finest textiles.   Friends of the TartanBlog, welcome back. It feels like, well not that long since I last spoke to you really, […]

How to fold your tartan pocket square – The Scallop Fold

This week in our How to fold your tartan pocket square series we look at the Scallop fold, as well a look forward into what the future may hold for the world of pocket squares. Is this the future of the Pocket Square? Jimmy Fallon, host of the American late night talk show – The Tonight […]

Tartan Invaded Trends – The Scarf Guide

A tartan scarf is one thing that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. We sell so many different styles and sometimes finding just what you want is difficult. We have created a Tartan Scarf Guide just for you to guarantee you find the perfect scarf for every occasion. We have divided the guide into 2 sections: […]