Good Housekeeping go for a tartan picnic

Good Housekeeping August 2014 Cover Good Housekeeping magazine feature our Troon Bright Check Lambswool Rug in their August edition.

For Good Housekeeping, August was all about their ultimate picnic guide.  They’ve got some lovely Picnic-wear in the guide including their winning Cool box, Corkscrew and Flask that were declared winners after testing more than 30 bottles and filling 18 flasks with tea to find the essential ingredients for a fab picnic. Sounds like a nice job!

They included a brilliant home-made lemonade recipe which we’re dying to try in our office. Baking is a popular hobby with all of our staff with cakes and tray bake regularly making an appearance on our desks. And with the return of  The Great British Bake Off to our screens, as well as the the new BBC two spin-off, The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice, baking has become one of the main talking points within our office so far we’ve seen Cake week, Biscuit week and most recently Bread week we’re picking up some great ideas to use for our next picnic.

We did a quick office poll to see what the most popular cake, tray bake and sandwich ideas for a good old fashioned picnic would be. Lemon Drizzle and Battenberg were the champion cakes, Chocolate Crispy cakes and Caramel Shortbread our favourite choices of tray bake and Goats cheese & Sun-dried tomatoes and ham salad the top sandwich choices.

So with the picnic-wear,and picnic menu sorted, now just to find the perfect picnic spot.

Some of our favourite Scottish picnic locations are Arthur’s Seat in central Edinburgh a 251 meter peak that provides stunning views of the city centre, the track to the top of the peak has been a popular walk for a many years and will certainly work up your appetite.  Traquair House just south of Peebles is the oldest continually inhabited house in Scotland and has wonderful grounds with some brilliant woodland walks a maze and  playground for the children to enjoy as well as a brewery for the adults. Our final suggestion is the beach, we’re lucky to have a few great spots close to our office with the most popular being Coldingham bay just north of Eyemouth.

We hope between Great Housekeeping and ourselves, we’ve helped come up with the Ultimate picnic guide. Get your tartan rug and pack that hamper!


Good Housekeeping August 2014 Coverage

Our Superb Women’s Kilt

Superb Magazine Women's KiltOur Women’s Kilt looks stunning in Superb. Magazine’s July Issue as part of  their Zephyr feature.

Casper Fitzhue‘s photography in this feature is incredibly eye catching with bold black and white images throughout. The photography really shows off our Women’s Kilt to perfection, and proves kilts aren’t only for men to enjoy.

The tartan featured in this issue is the MacQueen Modern a predominantly red tartan with black and yellow stripes throughout.

Women’s Kilt’s have become increasing popular in recent years both as a mini kilt and in a traditional style.  So exactly is a kilt made? Here’s our ten step guide to making a traditional kilt below.

Step One: Choosing your Tartan – There are over 500 Tartans to choose from on our website we have both Clan Tartans and Generic Tartans that can be worn by anyone if you are not associated with a particular Scottish Clan.

Step Two: Selecting your size – The measurements needed to make a kilt are Waist, Hip and Length, we have a handy sizing guide on our website to help with this.

Step Three: Preparing the Material – The material is laid out and measured ready to be transformed in to a kilt.

Step Four: Marking Out – This is when the pleats of the kilt are measured out, this has to be done very carefully so that the front of the kilt is nicely centred.

Step Five: Pleating – At this very intricate stage the fabric is pleated so that every pleat faces to the right, the depth of the pleat depends on the repeating pattern size or sett of your specific tartan.

Step Six: Adjusting Hip & Waist – Now that the Pleats have been pinned in place the difference between the hip and waist is adjusted by adding small darts, strategically placed around the kilt.

Step Seven: Stitching & Trimming Pleats – The pleats are now stitched in to place, and then the excess material can be trimmed.

Step Eight: Fringing – Fringing is applied to the front of the kilt.

Step Nine: Waistband & Lining – The waistband is now attached and stitched in to place to match up exactly with the rest of the tartan pattern.

Step Ten: Adding Buckles & Straps – The leather buckles and straps are added to the kilt to allow the kilt to be adjusted when worn. The pleats are given a press to keep them in place and then the kilt is ready to wear.

Making a kilt is a very skilled process and we a very grateful our local seamstresses have a wealth of experience when it comes to this process.

House Beautiful are Inspired by Scotland

House Beautiful September CoverHouse Beautiful September Coverage 1House Beautiful September Coverage 2 House Beautiful Magazine have turned to Scotland for Inspiration in their latest September Issue.

From restored castles to the changing colours of the Scottish countryside it’s clear that the inspiration for these top Scottish designers, including our very own Anna White comes right from their doorstep.

Inspired to support the local economy, Anna opened ScotlandShop in 2002, She’s married to a farmer so our office is based within an based in an old granary on the farm in the Scottish Borders.

The Scottish Borders is an area with a rich history in textile design, Anna was inspired by the history of our local people and their association to local weaving mills. A great place to find out more about the history of the weaving mills is the Borders Textile Towerhouse in the local town of Hawick, part of the fantastic Scottish Borders Textiles Trail.

People want tradition and old-fashioned quality teamed with modern design, and we’re aiming for just that. Our tartan is woven in local mills dotted across the whole Scottish Borders some of which feature within the Textiles Trail.

We love helping customers take a bit of family heritage and helping them create something truly unique and with over 500 tartans to choose from in our Tartan clothes and accessories range we make everything from Mens Tartan Suits, Trousers and Waistcoats to Womens Mini Kilts, Skirts and Jackets, along with tartan scarves ties, shoes and boots as well as our Childrens dresses, shorts and baby shoes, There really is something for the whole family!

To read more about how Anna was Inspired by Scotland just head to our website.


Sunday Express say ‘Well Plaid’ to the Commonwealth Games

Sunday Express S Magazine July 20th 2014 CoverSunday Express S Magazine featured our Commonwealth Games Tartan Rug in their July Issue.

The Commonwealth Games are now over, but the legacy of the games will live on for a lifetime and Glasgow can be proud of their hard won title for the “best games ever”. Makes us proud to be Scottish and as a company based on good service and friendly and helpful customer service it is great to see that the Games also delivered on that level and showed off all the best traits of the Scottish personality.

We were very pleased to see the Commonwealth Games tartan feature in the spectacular opening ceremony and you can even purchase some of these costumes in the official auction of items used during the games. If you loved the spinning Tunnock’s Teacakes or the enormous Loch Ness Monster these are also available!

Our Top three moments from the Opening ceremony include, The Scottish Ballet Piece set to the Proclaimers, The dancing Teacakes, and the Scottie Dogs leading in each country. We have even had customers buying tartan fabric so they can make their own tartan coats for their dog and apparently it is almost impossible to get your hands on a Scottie dog puppy following their rise to fame.

So we hope you enjoyed the 2014 Games as much as we did and long live the legacy….and the tartan!

Sunday Express S Magazine July 20th 2014 Coverage



The World Cup in Tartan – The ScotlandShop Round-up

World Cup tartan 2014

First of all big congratulations to Germany for their World Cup win. No German orders today we assume as you will all be out celebrating Gotze’s fabulous winning goal. I am not a huge football fan but even I can appreciate the composure required to control the ball and score that one.  So of course we have to write a topical blog to catch the final bit of World Cup fever and before we start the countdown to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.
There are many photos of  the tartan army out enjoying the football in Brazil but we loved these ones of the World Cup tartan created by Clan Italia to celebrate the link between Scotland and Brazil through football and to mark the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games being awarded to Rio de Janeiro and the up and coming Fifa World Cup. New research has shown that it was actually a Scotsman who introduced the great game of football to Brazil. Keen footballer Donohue, a dye expert from Busby near Glasgow went to work in a factory in Bangu near Rio de Janeiro in 1893 and persuaded workers to play their first five-a-side game on a Sunday in April 1894.
We then got a bit nostalgic and had to include a photo of supporters from the 1978 World Cup and finally an image of the stamp that the Royal Mail created, but never actually produced, just in case Scotland pulled off a miracle and won the World Cup.  I love the optimism of Royal Mail and wish that first class stamps still cost 9p!

You & Your Wedding add a little Scottish detail with tartan

You & Your Wedding July Aug Cover You are Your Wedding have just released a fabulous new issue for July and August based on a tennis theme of Game, Set & Match. Dream couple Eleanor and PJ “served up an ace of a day with vintage tennis touches and stylish Scottish details”. With Scottish tennis star Andy Murray taking to the court this week at Wimbledon we are currently all about grass courts and strawberries and cream here in Scotland.
PJ looks so dapper in his kilt but we do of course feel the 3 venue ideas are a bit too far South and would like to propose our 3 favourite Scottish venues local to ScotlandShop. First of all Wedderburn Castle with it’s sweeping stone staircase perefect for photos and a dramatic entrance and there are even cottages on the estate for guests to stay in. Secondly the Dryburgh Abbey Country House Hotel near Melrose where you can even have your ceremony outside in the Abbey ruins. Our final favourite would have to be Thirlestane Castle in Lauder with it’s magical turrets and red stone creating a real fairytale atmosphere.
So now you have the venue  you just need the finishing touches which You & Your Wedding have captured and tied up with Pride of Scotland tartan ribbon along with  Baird tartan fabric for decorating tables. So many things you can do with ribbon to just bring a little touch of tartan to your day. Ribbons for the wedding car, tie backs for chairs, bows for napkins, table decorations and favours and giant bows for staircases, flower displays and the bride and grooms chairs. Mix and match your tartans to represent each family or just choose your favourite colour combinations.

You & Your Wedding July Scottish Kilt You & Your Wedding July Tartan

The Story Behind our Tartan Baby Shoes

Christie tartan baby shoes

Christie tartan baby shoes

We are already a bit of a girlie office at ScotlandShop but when one of our customer’s kindly shared this adorable picture of little Austin in his new tartan baby shoes we were all getting very broody. How gorgeous! Austin lives in Australia and these were a special gift for him made in Christie tartan to recognise his Scottish heritage.
We have always offered baby shoes in Harris Tweed and so many customers have asked for them to be made in their own tartan that we just had to find someone to make them.  Claire is the lady behind every adorable little pair of shoes and she works from her workshop in Swinton just 2 miles from ScotlandShop. Claire trained with an underwear company before taking time out to have her 3 boys and then we were lucky enough to discover her secret skills during a playground chat and her hand sewing and machining skills are unrivalled. Your baby shoes are machined to given them nice strong seams and hand finished to ensure your chosen tartan looks it’s very best. You choose the tartan so you can either select the prettiest colour combinations or choose a tartan that is linked to your family.  Whatever you choose you know that Claire will have made them with true loving care, that your chosen tartan was woven right here in the Scottish Borders and you are buying a very Scottish baby gift. These are the kinds of very personal gifts that are a real pleasure to give.
Tartan baby shoes

Garden Gadgets and Tartan Rugs with The Scotsman

Scotsman Pride of Scotland Tartan Rug“Bare feet on grass feels wonderful. But nature can be cruel. Wasps, bugs, slaters, slugs and worse lurk among those lush green tendrils, especially if they’re unkempt. Hooray, then, for the picnic blanket, which makes lolling around al fresco so much more civilised” reports Gaby Soutar in The Scotsman magazine last weekend. The page features the best of easy to carry picnic rugs including a cute cotton Rolling Hills blanket, a funky spotty number that rolls up and slots into a duffle bag along with our classic Pride of Scotland waterproof backed tartan picnic rug.  We agree Gaby there is nothing quite like the good old picnic rug!

Foxes Louisa Allen wears ScotlandShop Tartan Mini Skirt

Foxes Louisa Allen in ScotlandShop Tartan Mini Skirt New pop star on the block Foxes star Louisa Allen was spotted at the Ivor Novello Awards in London in a ScotlandShop pink pastel check tartan mini skirt on 22nd May.  And Now Magazine featured Louisa in their Celeb Match feature this week.

The “Ivors” are the awards have become known celebrate, honour and reward excellence in songwriting and composing across all genres. The awards are presented by BASCA, The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. Among the winners this year were London Grammar, James Blake and Mumford & Sons.

Nominee Foxes is renowned for always looking super-cute and she carries off the “Clueless” look so well. No-one else could wear white stilettos and look this classy! We call this pink check the Sunart Sapphire tartan and it is part of a range of pastel checks that are perfect for summer. The skirt is bias cut and made to your measurements so it gives you that fabulous flattering shape and with the checks perfectly matched you know it has been cut and stitched with great care. Go on find a little Foxy style!

Good Homes go seriously soft on our Bright Check Tartan Rug

Good Homes July 2014 Bright Check Tartan Rug Good Homes July 2014 Bright Check RugGood Homes magazine has gone seriously soft on our Bright Check Tartan Rug as part of their five great finds for the home this July. The fabulous pinks of the Lilliesleaf check are a refreshing twist on traditional tartan and the supersoft finish of this rug does make it perfect for wrapping round you once the evening goes cool.  We do love this page especially Hannah Turner’s funky feathers Peacock designs. Ali in customer service is mad on butterflies so she has her name down for the coasters.

The best bit about this page is the character of all the items. We love to add a bit of Scottish character to your lives and it is great to see other companies out there using traditional skills to make unique home accessories too. Thank you Good Homes for featuring us!