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Clan Galbraith – Test your knowledge with our quiz

Did you brush up on your Clan Knowledge at the recent Clan Gathering in Tennessee? Find out in our first Galbraith Clan Quiz. We’ve kept the quiz fairly simple to start with so you don’t need to be a Galbraith, Calbreath, Colbath, Colbreath, Galberth, Galbreath, Galbreth, Gilbraith, Gilbreath, Gilbreth, Gilreath, Kilbreath, Kilbreth or Kulbeth to take part. Yes there are […]

The Scottish Borders Have Their Very Own Whisky Distillery

Last month saw the grand opening of The Borders Distillery in the historical town of Hawick. A very exciting development as there has not been a whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837. After writing about Grant’s whisky I was fascinated by the making of the Scottish Spirit and thought it would be very fitting to […]

Tartan Trends: Go Bright or Go Home

It’s set to be very a bright summer in the fashion world this year, think primary colours, clashed with fuchsia pink and orange. The bolder the better. Here at ScotlandShop we thought this trend would go amazingly well with tartan, so I have compiled a few rules on how to mix tartan with your favourite block […]

Clan Morrison: How many famous Morrisons do you know?

There are a number of different lines of Morrisons families that are all unrelated, each originated from different parts of Scotland. The mainland Morrisons derive from the first name Morris, this was another spelling of Maurice.  Another line of Morrisons originate from the Isle of Harris, changing their name from Ó Muirgheasáins to Morrison. The third […]

Outlander, What’s the story?

If you are fan of Scotland and all things Scottish then you are likely to also be a fan of the show Outlander. Now I must admit, I personally haven’t watched the show but following numerous recommendations from colleagues, customers and family members, I feel compelled to find out more. Let’s start with the basics, […]

Clan Hay: March in Manhattan

Marching in Manhattan The New York Tartan Day Parade took place last month on the 6th April which also happens to be National Tartan Day. This year for the 20th Annual Parade, Clan Hay were selected by the parade organisers as the Honoured Clan.  Clan Chief Rt Hon Merlin Hay, 24th Earl of Erroll & Lord […]

Get Geared up for the Biggest Classic Car Festival in the Borders

This weekend all the best vintage vehicles from all around the country will be travelling to Thirlestane Castle for the ‘festival of motoring’ organised by the Borders Vintage Automobile Club (BVAC). Here at ScotlandShop we supply a lot of our customers with tartan for upholstering their vintage cars (see our previous blogs), so I thought it would […]

Clan Campbell: Know Your Tartans

Clan Campbell’s history is one that is detailed and compelling, the story was explored on the blog in an Unleash your inner tartan post. So, today I thought I would tell you all about the different Campbell tartans and believe me there are a lot of them. Campbell Clan (Black Watch) The Campbell Clan Tartan is also […]

Unleash your inner tartan – What is a Clan?

Ok, Ladies, Gentlemen, esteemed readers of TartanBlog and basically anybody else who could be reading this post, I have a confession to make so please sit yourself down, get comfortable and remove any sharp object from the area, lest you fall on them and get all litigious because this is a big one. I am […]

A Royal Wedding calls for a Tartan Throne

On Saturday, the world was focused on Windsor Castle and the Wedding of Prince “Harry” Henry Charles Albert David to Rachel Meghan Markle, now titled the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After months of discussion over the dress, the cake and the guest list, over 1.9 billion people tuned in to find out the answers to all […]