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Top Tips: How to Wear a Tartan Sash

A sash is a great way to bring a little tartan to any outfit. Whether you are heading out on a Clan Walk, off to a Burns Supper or going to a traditional Scottish Ceilidh or dance a sash can be something special and Scottish added to any attire. But how do you wear it I […]

Clan MacIntyre: Unleash your inner tartan: Snowballs in Summer

Here in the Scottish Borders, winter seems to be edging closer and closer toward us. The days are growing increasingly short and, as of last night, the Teviots that overlook Tartan Towers are blanketed in a nice thick layer of snow. It was as I was driving up the winding path that leads to Tartan […]

Tartan Napkins – How to create the Caledonian Crown

Are you tired of boring table settings? Do you have a taste for tartan? Do you like to incorporate french heraldic symbols? If you answered yes to any or all of the preceding questions, you are in the right place so relax, you are among friends. The Caledonian Crown Napkin I have chosen to call […]

Christmas Stockings – A Very Tartan Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches (O.K. we know it is not quite December but I was a boy scout so I am always prepared) it is time to start planning our festivities. When I think back on all my childhood Christmases, the thing I found the most exciting was getting my Christmas stocking. I was […]

Decorations – A very tartan Christmas Part 4

Bonnie Baubles Part 4 of our Christmas decorations series and Emily has come up with a great way of using up some of those tartan scraps you may have lying around (if you don’t have any scraps of your own at home, check out our bags of remnants.) What you will need: A spool of […]

I Come From A Clan Down Under: Dunedin

I come from a Clan Down Under What the most popular wine in Australia? Dad… Do we have to go to New Zealand?! I think that must have been one of the first jokes I remember hearing as a child in Australia. But then again, there is the classic joke about the Australia New Zealand […]

Decorations: A Very Tartan Christmas Part 3

Tartan Tree Trim Emma has come up with this fantastic way of using up leftover ribbon. What you will need A good length of ribbon (wired tartan ribbon would work well) A whole bunch of beads A length of yarn or twine A large needle  How to make your tartan tree Tie a knot in […]

Clan Thompson – Unleash your inner tartan

Clan Thompson The ScotlandShop offices are an immensely enjoyable place to work, we get to look at wonderful fabrics, learn about clans and listen to the radio as much as we like. Unfortunately it is not Radio 4 that my colleagues want to listen to but then you can’t win them all, I suppose. Anyway, […]

Tartan Invaded Trends – The Shirt Dress

Our Tartan Invaded Trends blog post series aims to bring Tartan to the forefront of fashion, illustrating how subtly including hints of tartan in your outfit can be as on trend as the latest fashion trends themselves! This week we discuss The Shirt Dress. Timely of course as we have just launched our very own […]