Today I’m Wearing – Tartan and Tweed St Andrews Day Edition

Alicia Tweed Trench CoatBrittany Stewart Black BlazerA special St Andrews Day edition on the Today I’m Wearing website featured a range of outfits modelled by our favourite girls from PushPR London. Alicia chose the Tweed Trench Coat which complements her hair beautifully. The black and white houndstooth check is such a classic it appears on the catwalk year after year. The monochrome design works so well on a diverse range of clothing and interiors products. One of our favourites this year is Stella McCartney’s blown up version of houndstooth check which she has made into a wool coat with a fringed trim. Lovely!

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So who was Saint Andrew? This hardy Galilean fisherman whose name means strong became Scotland’s Patron.  His brother was Saint Peter, founder of the Church, so when the Scots needed protection in 1320 against the English Kings they were able to appeal to the Pope for help. This was The Declaration of Arbroath.






Next up is Britanny wearing the Stewart Black tartan blazer that we so love for many reasons. Firstly you can wear it with anything from jeans to a dress and it always looks just right for the occasion, secondly it has a fabulous red lining so you can turn the sleeves up for a different look and finally you can’t ignore the fact that this tartan frequently appears on the catwalk and is endorsed by many a top fashion designer.

Flo Tartan Mini Kilt















Flo is developing a serious love of the mini kilt and we can’t blame her as this is a long standing favourite with our customers.  In a fashion sense the length varies from year to year but the basic style is a classic based on the traditional Scottish kilt and it is never off the catwalk. The key is the quality of the pleating. Properly made kilts made in pure wool fabric (like ours of course!) will last forever and are the kind of thing you find in your granny’s wardrobe and persuade her to give you and it still looks absolutely fantastic!

Kat Tartan and Leather Satchel















Kat has stolen what must be the accessory of the year. The satchel has taken the fashion world by storm in 2014 and there are so many fabulous modern versions on this oh so traditional and functional bag. Maybe that is why we all love our satchels so much because they are genuinely useful. Our take on the satchel trend has to be tartan of course although our boss has created a tweed one for herself and it looks so good we will be offering it to our customers very soon. The tartan and leather satchel comes in lots of subtle and bright leather colours and you can choose from over 500 tartans to create your extra unique bag.

Our Womens Tartan Cape has the XFactor


Our Women’s Tartan Cape made a star appearance on Saturday’s episode of the X Factor. This weekends show celebrated the music of Whitney Houston and Elton John.

Our Women’s Tartan Cape was worn by dancer Channelle George during Fleur East’s set. Fleur invited her mother and sister onstage to perform as she covered Whitney’s version of Chaka Khan’s hit I’m Every Woman. The judges comments were outstanding. ‘Wowzer, Simon you are so lucky to have her,’ Mel enthused, ‘You are every woman girl!’.  Cheryl continued in the judges praise for Fleur ‘It would be an absolute disaster if you weren’t in the final’

Samuel Galgher from the X factor wardrobe department took this stunning picture of Channelle ready to go live on the Xfactor

Our Women’s Tartan Cape is the jacket style of the season. Made in a heavyweight pure wool fabric woven in Scotland our tartan cape has a beautiful shape finished with 2 pockets, shoulder plackets and fabric covered buttons, and can be made to order in your own tartan. Now you can get the Xfactor in your own clan tartan!




Black Tartan Friday

With Thanksgiving today, we celebrate Black Friday with some of our favourite Black Tartans.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

The day’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.Use of the term started before 1961 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation was made: that retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss (“in the red”) from January through November, and “Black Friday” indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or “in the black”.

Black Watch Modern

Black Watch Modern

The Black Watch Modern tartan is predominantly blue, green and black. The Black Watch tartan is a more subdued tartan, designed with camouflage rather than display in mind. It it thought that it perhaps influenced the later creation of Hunting Tartans in the late 1800s. The use of a three colour check, with black separating green and blue, is unlikely to have been an existing design in 1739 when it was proposed. It has since been associated with Campbell because of their role in leading the Black Watch and other Government forces.


Erskine Black and White Modern -

Erskine Black and White Modern

The Erskine Black and White tartan is predominantly black and white. Erskine is an area on the south of the River Clyde, ten miles west of Glasgow. The name is believed to be ancient British for “green rising ground”. In the early 13th century, during the reign of Alexander II, the first man to take the name as his own was Henry of Erskine, owner of the Barony of Erskine. The family were supporters of Robert the Bruce, and were related to him through the marriage of John of Erskine’s eldest daughter to Thomas Bruce, King Robert’s brother. Success for Bruce brought rewards for Erskine.


Stewart Black

Stewart Black

The Stewart Black tartan is a predominantly black and red tartan with blue, green, yellow and white. This West Highland family descends from Sir James Stewart of Pierson who was descended from the 4th High Steward of Scotland. For a time they wer Lords of Lorn and wer of importance in their Western territory. They were Royalists and fought valiantly for the Royal Stewarts. Duncan Stewart, 2nd of Appin, was Chamberlain of the Isles to King James IV. They fought under Montrose at the Battle of Inverlochy, and in the Jacobite army at Sheriffmuir in 1715. During the 1745 Rising the clan served in Prince Charlie’s army. The 9th chief sold the estate in 1765.


Burns Check

Burns Check

The Burns check tartan is predominantly black, white and brown. The Burness surname originated in Kincardineshire, a former county in Scotland located on the east coast south of Aberdeen and north of Montrose. The surnames Burness, Burnes, Burns, Burn, Burnside, Burnhouse, etc. are generally considered to have similar origins from the word burn which is a small stream in Scotland and England. Since there are thousands of burns in Scotland and England, there are undoubtedly many unrelated families, each descended from an ancestor who lived beside a burn. However, in early records, the spelling Burness is found only in Kincardineshire.


Menzies Black/White Modern

Menzies Black and White

The Menzies Black/White Modern tartan is a predominantly black and white tartan. Mesnieres in Normandy was the original home of the Norman family whose name was transformed to Manners, the surname of the Dukes of Rutland. A branch of this family moved into Lothian and then gradually into the Highlands of Scotland, where they became known first as de Meyneris, and eventually as Menzies.

So while everyone is going wild shopping for bargains on Black Friday we are here to bring you unique and custom made gifts this Christmas, in black tartan or any other tartan you fancy.  If you need a little inspiration which Scottish gifts to buy this Christmas we are here to help with our Christmas Gift sections.

Black TartanTop Christmas seller this year is our newly introduced Leather and Tartan Gloves available for men and women in two tartans. For ladies the old favourite Stewart Royal and the very Scottish purples of the Spirit of Scotland tartan. For the men sophisticated Farquharson Modern or subtle Gunn Weathered. All in stock and despatched within 48 hours.  We use a heavyweight 16oz wool woven in Scotland so the gloves are nice and warm and hard wearing. Great quality leather and a super soft and cosy lining make these a really lovely pair of gloves. Perfect for stocking fillers!

Our Five Top Scottish Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

With only five weeks to go until the big day and everyone trying to find something really special for that special grandchild, niece or nephew we have created a list of our top five Scottish Christmas gifts for Children. As children world-wide start to create those all important letters to Santa, why not introduce a bit of Scottish Sparkle and clan heritage this year?

Tartan Christmas Stocking

Tartan Christmas Stocking

For a truly unique and seasonal gift that can be used year after year our tartan Christmas stocking is perfect. It looks great by the fire place and will make opening the presents even more exciting. Just in case Father Christmas gets confused for an extra special touch we can even embroider the child’s (or adult’s!) name on to the stocking. When you can choose your own clan tartan or just your favourite christmas colours you know it’s not just going to be the children that will love a tartan stocking.
We have had a great discussion here in the office as we pack your parcels all about what our parents put in our Christmas stockings and what we do for our children. Clementines, nuts that you can never crack and even new knickers!

Truffles The Highland Cow -

Truffles the Highland Cow

Imagine their little faces when their very own Highland Cow falls out of their tartan stocking! Truffles the Highland Cow is very soft and cuddly chap who will make great friends with everyone. He is an office favorite, and as much as we will miss his company in the office, we look forward to finding a lovely new home for him. Highland Cows have become a bit of a Scottish icon with their crazy horns and ginger coat. No-one can really determine the exact origins of this hairy breed but they are the oldest pedigree of cattle in the world and the Highland Cattle Society’s herd book dates from 1884. Not all Highland Cows are ginger, there are two types and the Kyloes are small and black and came from the West of Scotland and the Islands whereas the larger red haired cattle grazed the Highlands.

Tartan Baby Shoes

Tartan Baby Shoes

There are only so many baby blankets and toys a baby needs and it is always nice to give something really personal at Christmas.  Our handmade tartan baby shoes exclusive to ScotlandShop are the perfect  accessory for baby’s first Christmas day, creating an outfit to remember for a lifetime, and starting a new generation walking in your clans footsteps.  We stock over 600 Scottish clan tartans but if you can’t find yours on the list let us know and we can see if we can find it for you.  We can also help if you aren’t sure which tartan your family name is linked to.


Children’s Drawstring Tartan Bag

Children's Drawstring Tartan Bag

Lovingly made by our seamstress Claire this cute tartan drawstring bag in your chosen tartan makes a very personal gift. Perfect for nursery, for gym or ballet kit, and can also double up as a present sack for Santa. For boys we add a little car, and for girls a flower with the child’s name embroidered underneath. Claire has 3 boys of her own and came to us with this product idea in 2013. It has become a firm favourite and we have even made more grown up versions to be used by adults as shoe bags. What better gift for a crazy golfer than a drawstring bag for his golf shoes in his own tartan. Or hers of course! In fact we are maybe missing a trick here for our Christmas Gifts for Golfers page… this space a new product is about to be spawned!

Children’s Tartan Tam

Children's Tartan Tam

So cute and very very Scottish! And actually very practical too as our tartan tams are made from pure wool so are nice and cosy, and with the elasticated band they fit head sizes up to 12 years.  We make a matching children’s tartan scarf if you want to make up the set.

With all of these gifts you can add the perfect Scottish touch to Christmas this year.

Showcasing Tangle Weave Designs

Mairi from Tangle Weave Designs is yet another fantastic new young creative talent from the Scottish Borders where we are based and we wanted to share with you some of her fabulous work.  Our customers come to us looking for something a bit unique and different, a gift from Scotland or with a tartan flourish and combined with our love of the Highland Cow we couldn’t resist showcasing some work by Mairi Helena Photography.

Mairi Helena Morton

Taking inspiration from the abundant charismatic Scottish Wildlife & Fauna and incorporating complementing textiles,  Mairi’s Tangle Weave collection looks to create bespoke designs for lifestyle living.

From Shetland Ponies to Thistles to Pheasants, these individually created wall art displays are a perfect way to brighten up your home interior.

Based in Fife,  on the rustic weathered fringes of the East Coast, Mairi takes inspiration from her local wildlife and coastal settings.

“I’m so lucky to be right on the doorstep to puffins, grey seals and shore lines of Scottish Thistles to name a few”.

Influences are also taken from further afield including Perthshire moorlands as well as her homeland of the Scottish Borders.

Mairi Helena Photography 3

Her style has been greatly shaped by Scottish childhood influences and love for the outdoors. With both parents being textile designers and weavers, she was brought up with an appreciation of colour, texture, pattern and print.

“I have a passion for capturing Scottish influenced imagery and love fusing textiles and natural colour with my photography.”

Mairi works with some of Scotland’s finest textiles to produce high quality bespoke canvas wall art and frames, to add a splash of Scottish style into homes and interiors.

Her imagery captures a wide variety of Scottish wildlife, including:

The hardy Shetland Pony, the stoical face of the Highland Cow, the colourful Pheasant and the impressive Scottish Blackface Ram.

Tangle Weave DesignsEach image is professionally printed and framed, mounted onto high quality Harris Tweeds or tartan plaids. Abraham Moon fabric, Holland & Sherry finest cloths and Johnston’s of Elgin Cashmere is often incorporated, creating a high end quality product.

Alongside her textile mounted wall products, Mairi also creates Fine Art Postcard Collections, perfect if you’re looking for a unique gift from Scotland! Collections comprise sixteen photographic images from Scotland printed onto fine art textured paper. The unique images are wrapped in a textile and presented in a keepsake gift box.

Products can also be made tailored to requirements. Please do get in contact at: where Mairi would be delighted to hear from you.

This weekend you can visit Mairi at her stand D22a at the Glasgow Country Living Fair.

A wider selection of Tangle Weave Design Products can be found at You can also follow Mairi on Twitter @mairihelena and on Facebook:

Happy Christmas Shopping!!


How to create your perfect tartan christmas table

Create your perfect tartan festive table

This week we focus on how to set the perfect Tartan Christmas Table. Everyone looks forward to that all important Christmas Dinner, what better way to make it even more special this year than with the a touch of Tartan? Creating a table with the wow factor can set the tone for the entire Christmas dinner.

We think the best place to start is by picking a colour theme, for a traditional festive colour why not go for Red? Once your colour theme has been finalised its time to start thinking about table cloths and table runners.

A tablecloth is a great way to flood the table with colour and pattern, whether you decide to start with a plain colour and add other tartan details or have tartan as the basis of your theme and then pick out plain accessories. Our tartan tablecloths are available in variety of sizes and tartans with six tartans in stock and the option to have a custom table cloth in your own family tartan. Stewart Royal is always the most popular predominately red tartan which also incorporates festive green yellow and white. Our storeroom is piled high with Stewart Royal tablecloths napkins and runners because of course just after Christmas comes Hogmanay then it’s Burns Night. Plenty of opportunities to use your new tablecloth! If you prefer a plain tablecloth or already have one in your drawer a great way to then add in tartan detail across the table is with a table runner. The red tartan looks fab over a plain white tablecloth!

Mince Pies

Napkins are something often forgotten but all of these small details are vital in creating the wow factor and even if you have plain coloured napkins you can tie them with a tartan ribbon to add a bit of festive cheer.  We do a range of tartans in polyester and also over 500 Scottish tartans in the wool tartan ribbon range.

Tie it all and include the same ribbon into table decorations where you can really start to make the table your own from a stunning centre piece to candles, name places and winter flowers there are many routes you can take. Create some decorations of your own is such a simple but personal touch.

Another very important factor is fun, making the table an enjoyable place for your guests to relax. Christmas crackers, games and good music are all a great way to make sure the party is flowing while you focus on getting the courses prepared.  Enjoy! shortlisted for Junior Design Awards 2014

Junior Design Awards Childrens International Fashion Brand A very exciting day for us today as the Junior Design Awards 2014 have just been announced and we have been shortlisted for Best International Fashion Brand. With categories from Best boys’ and Best girls’ fashion brand to Best buggy design we are delighted to be listed alongside household names such as M&S, Monsoon and Silvercross along with emerging and boutique brands such as Angel & Rocket and Velveteen. The Junior Design Awards celebrate everything beautiful in a child’s life and the list of winners is a true feast of gorgeous children’s things. We showcased our girl’s tartan pinafore dress and matching swing jacket custom made in your own choice of tartan or pastel check fabric woven in Scotland. Judges loved the ability to personalise the product and create something unique for your child. Perfect for those special grandchildren this Christmas!

Military Tartan

With Remembrance Day Parades this Sunday and Armistice Day next Tuesday we focus on our Military Tartans this week.

Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.

Remembrance Day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the members of their armed forces who died in the line of duty.

Military Tartan

Military TartanThe survival of tartan in the 18th century was due in great part to its adoption by the newly raised Highland Regiments of the British Army – an adoption which paved the way for today’s unique clan tartans.

Many Military Regiments will also have a pipe band who will wear tartan as a predominant part of their band uniform. Within the Royal Regiment of Scotland not only do the Regimental band wear tartan, but every solider wears a small patch of tartan on their headdress, as well as wearing kilts or trews as part of their ceremonial uniform.

Our Military tartans include Royal Canadian Air Force, Leathernecks US Marine Corps Modern,Black Watch Modern as well as our very popular Help for Heroes Tartan.

Help for Heroes

Help For Heroes

(H4H) is a British charity that launched on 1 October 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty. It was founded by Bryn Parry OBE and his wife Emma Parry OBE after they visited soldiers at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.


Help for Heroes ScarfThe Help for Heroes charity tartan was designed and is manufactured here in the Scottish Borders. The tartan takes the recognised colours of the British Armed Forces including navy blue for the Royal Navy, the lighter blue of Royal Air Force and red for the Army. The result is a really striking tartan which works well for clothing and accessories as well as interiors products. The inspiration behind the tartan is two former soldiers George Neil from Glasgow, and Bill McGregor from Dundee, who both served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland before leaving the Army

Our Delicious Bright Check Tartan Rug

Delicious September CoverDelicious September Coverage Delicious. Magazine feature our Bright Check Tartan Lambswool Rug in their September issue.

Delicious Magazine aim to be the magazine that the UK’s growing band of food lovers can’t wait to get their hands on each month, an unashamed celebration of food. The cover of the September issue looks amazing. The sticky plum and custard cake had everyone here at ScotlandShop excited to get cooking with homegrown plums from the garden. So far in the office we’ve had plum compote, plum chutney and even plum vodka! Perfect for the Christmas night out.

Now that Autumn is upon us it’s time to start wrapping up. Our Bright Check Tartan Rugs are perfect for both summer time picnics and late-summer campfire feasts as suggested by Delicious. With the nights beginning to draw in it’s the perfect campfire season with Bonfire Night this evening, also known as Guy Fawkes Night.  Guy Fawkes night is an annual event on the 5th November to commemorate an event from 1605 when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder plot was arrested after explosives were placed under the House of Lords, within the parliamentary buildings in London.

Our Bright Check Tartan rugs feature a new collection of tartan’s including bright pinks, lime green, purple and a deep orange that make a beautiful range of vibrant rugs, this collection is also available in our brushed wool scarves in case you have fallen in love with the colours and want to wrap up warm for winter.

Craft Magazine develop a taste for tartan

Womens Weekly Craft Magazine OctoberWomens Weekly Craft Magazine October2014Craft magazine reports this month on this Autumn’s big trend in tartan. They fell in love with our tartan finder and couldn’t believe the range of colours and checks available in so many different fabrics. Part of the Woman’s Weekly magazine family Craft is full of so many fab ideas of things to make and Christmas is of course the time when we all get a bit creative and try to make the most personal gift for those special friends and family. The dark nights lend themselves to sewing and knitting and it is time to clear the dining room table and put your forgotten skills to good use. For cost effective fabrics that will wash well and are great for kids try the polyviscose or polycotton fabric. Perfect for making that cow on the front of the magazine! And for the full range of tartans the 10oz wool is so soft and easy to work with and great for bags and cushions and quilting.  So why not try entering your name into our tartan finder and see if you can’t find a bit of family history at the same time as discovering some amazing colour combinations. We are always here to help if you get a bit overwhelmed by the choice!